Ivan Messac
L'amour à cloche-pied, 2016


This is not an exhibition.
It is a laboratory of experiments, live research, linking different issues and disciplines, a work in progress.

Everything starts from a myth and the manner to sculpt it.
Everything starts from the l’Enlèvement de Proserpine to become L’amour à cloche pied (Hop, Hop, Loving).

Pluton, Proserpine and Cérès by Gian Lorenzo Bernini known as Le Bernin at the Borghese Gallery in Rome. Pluton, Proserpine and Cyané for François Girardon at the gardens of the Château de Versailles, and Pluton and Proserpine for Ivan Messac at the Centre Pompidou in Paris.
Two characters, in bronze or marble, a pedestal, how to translate this kidnapping in its strength and lightness? Two legs on the ground, no rather on one. Soaring without the fragility of the sculpture. Ivan Messac raises the question of technicality. He assumes full awareness of the complexity of this live in Beaubourg which distances himself from his concerns as a sculptor. His new toy? A tablet with which he draws everything, all the time. He even said he does not need a workshop anymore except for storage.  His voyages are in front of a screen that changes according to its stylus pen. And so this myth, he will do differently. Painting yes surely, but also digital, print, collage on a canvas shaped as a « hopscotch » of 6m x 2.50m, specially created for the occasion. As Pierre Tilman rightly said, « When you say that Ivan Messac is a painter, you will have not said much ».

In the Studio 13/16 space designed for teenagers, Ivan Messac will not always be alone in his laboratory. Sometimes accompanied by plastic artist, poet, and writer Pierre Tilman, dancer and choreographer Hervé Sika, Christine Farenc comedian and director, illustrators of Topo magazine; teenagers and artists will question the body in what is more sculptural, how to force it, to stretch it in a physical way, but also in writing and by the interpretation of the myth in « Metamorphoses » of Ovide.

The purpose of this project?
Collaboration between various disciplines, to understand the work in public, something that Ivan Messac never tested. The outcome will be that the work is completed on November 13 at 17:55. He will stay for 5 minutes to admire the result. But no, he does not care. This is not his primary purpose. In 20 days, the public will not be hidden from surprises. Nothing is precisely established in advance. The ideas are there, but the work will also be dictated by the ambiance of the location, a look, a dance, an inquiry, a writing.

Ivan Messac would like to thank, in particular, the Centre Pompidou, Philippe Marin and the Maison Marin Beaux-Arts for the making of the canvas, Victor Galud director of the project teaser, Veevart creator of the blog and Romain Salomon communications manager of this event, without which this would not possible.

Contact communication – Romain Salomon